Boomerang File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ArchiveFile.cpp [code]
basicblock.cpp [code]
basicblock.h [code]
bffDump.cpp [code]
BinaryFile.cpp [code]
BinaryFile.h [code]
BinaryFileFactory.cpp [code]
BinaryFileStub.cpp [code]
BinaryFileStub.h [code]
boomerang.cpp [code]
boomerang.h [code]Interface for the boomerang singleton object
cfg.cpp [code]
cfg.h [code]
CfgTest.cpp [code]
CfgTest.h [code]
checkstrings.cpp [code]
chllcode.cpp [code]
chllcode.h [code]
cluster.h [code]
config.h [code]
constraint.cpp [code]
constraint.h [code]
dataflow.cpp [code]
dataflow.h [code]
hppa/decoder.cpp [code]
mc68k/decoder.cpp [code]
decoder.h [code]
hppa/decoder.m [code]
mc68k/decoder.m [code]
pentium/decoder.m [code]
ppc/decoder.m [code]
sparc/decoder.m [code]
st20/decoder.m [code]
hppa/decoder_low.cpp [code]
mc68k/decoder_low.cpp [code]
hppa/decoder_low.m [code]
mc68k/decoder_low.m [code]
DecompilerThread.cpp [code]
DecompilerThread.h [code]
dfa.cpp [code]
DfaTest.cpp [code]
DfaTest.h [code]
disassembler.2.m [code]
hppa/disassembler.cpp [code]
pentium/disassembler.cpp [code]
sparc/disassembler.cpp [code]
hppa/disassembler.m [code]
pentium/disassembler.m [code]
sparc/disassembler.m [code]
disassembler9.m [code]
DOS4GWBinaryFile.cpp [code]
DOS4GWBinaryFile.h [code]
ElfArchiveFile.cpp [code]
ElfBinaryFile.cpp [code]
ElfBinaryFile.h [code]
enc.h [code]
error.h [code]
ExeBinaryFile.cpp [code]
ExeBinaryFile.h [code]
exp.cpp [code]
exp.h [code]
exphelp.h [code]
ExpTest.cpp [code]
ExpTest.h [code]
front68k.cpp [code]
frontend.cpp [code]
frontend.h [code]
FrontendTest.cpp [code]
FrontendTest.h [code]
fronthppa.cpp [code]
FrontPentTest.cpp [code]
FrontPentTest.h [code]
FrontSparcTest.cpp [code]
FrontSparcTest.h [code]
hashtable.h [code]
hashtable2.h [code]
hllcode.h [code]
hppa-names.cpp [code]
hppa-names.h [code]
hppa.pat.cpp [code]
hppa.pat.h [code]
hppa.pat.m [code]
HpSomBinaryFile.cpp [code]
HpSomBinaryFile.h [code]
insnameelem.cpp [code]
insnameelem.h [code]
List.h [code]
LoaderTest.cpp [code]
LoaderTest.h [code]
log.h [code]
macho-apple.h [code]
MachOBinaryFile.cpp [code]
MachOBinaryFile.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
mainwindow.cpp [code]
mainwindow.h [code]
malloc.h [code]
managed.cpp [code]
managed.h [code]
mc68k.pat.cpp [code]
mc68k.pat.h [code]
mc68k.pat.m [code]
memo.h [code]
mypthread.cpp [code]
njmcDecoder.cpp [code]
nlist.h [code]
objc-api.h [code]
objc-class.h [code]
objc-load.h [code]
objc-runtime.h [code]
objc.h [code]
Object.h [code]
operator.h [code]
operstrings.h [code]
osfcn.h [code]
PalmBinaryFile.cpp [code]
PalmBinaryFile.h [code]
palmsystraps.h [code]
ParserTest.cpp [code]
ParserTest.h [code]
pentiumdecoder.cpp [code]
pentiumdecoder.h [code]
pentiumfrontend.cpp [code]
pentiumfrontend.h [code]
ppcdecoder.cpp [code]
ppcdecoder.h [code]
ppcfrontend.cpp [code]
ppcfrontend.h [code]
proc.cpp [code]
proc.h [code]
ProcTest.cpp [code]
ProcTest.h [code]
prog.cpp [code]
prog.h [code]
ProgTest.cpp [code]
ProgTest.h [code]
Protocol.h [code]
register.cpp [code]
register.h [code]
rtl.cpp [code]
rtl.h [code]
rtleditor.cpp [code]
rtleditor.h [code]
RtlTest.cpp [code]
RtlTest.h [code]
sigenum.h [code]
signature.cpp [code]
signature.h [code]
signatureStubs.cpp [code]
simple.cpp [code]
simple.m [code]
sparc-names.h [code]
sparc.h [code]
sparc.pat.cpp [code]
sparc.pat.h [code]
sparc.pat.m [code]
sparcdecoder.cpp [code]
sparcdecoder.h [code]
sparcfrontend.cpp [code]
sparcfrontend.h [code]
sslinst.cpp [code]
sslparser.cpp [code]
sslparser.h [code]
sslscanner.cpp [code]
sslscanner.h [code]
st20.ssl.m [code]
st20decoder.cpp [code]
st20decoder.h [code]
st20frontend.cpp [code]
st20frontend.h [code]
statement.cpp [code]
statement.h [code]
StatementTest.cpp [code]
StatementTest.h [code]
SymTab.cpp [code]
SymTab.h [code]
syntax.cpp [code]
syself.h [code]
table.cpp [code]
table.h [code]
testDbase.cpp [code]
testExp.cpp [code]
testExpStubs.cpp [code]
testFront.cpp [code]
testLoader.cpp [code]
testRtl.cpp [code]
testRtlStubs.cpp [code]
testStmt.cpp [code]
testStmtStubs.cpp [code]
transformer.h [code]
type.cpp [code]
type.h [code]
types.h [code]
typeStubs.cpp [code]
TypeTest.cpp [code]
TypeTest.h [code]
util.h [code]
utilStubs.cpp [code]
visitor.cpp [code]
visitor.h [code]
Win32BinaryFile.cpp [code]
Win32BinaryFile.h [code]
xmlprogparser.cpp [code]
xmlprogparser.h [code]
zone.h [code]

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