sparc.h File Reference

#include <stdlib.h>

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struct  disasm_fmt_t
struct  RegisterFile


typedef long double float128_t
typedef float float32_t
typedef double float64_t
typedef long double NO_SUCH_TYPE
typedef signed short sint16_t
typedef signed int sint32_t
typedef signed long long sint64_t
typedef signed char sint8_t
typedef unsigned short uint16_t
typedef unsigned int uint32_t
typedef unsigned long long uint64_t
typedef unsigned char uint8_t


int disassembleInstruction (int pc, char *params, size_t paramlen, char **name)
void doTrap (int trap)
void dumpAllRegisters (FILE *f)
void dumpControlRegisters (FILE *f)
void dumpFloatRegisters (FILE *f)
void dumpMainRegisters (FILE *f)
uint32_t execute (uint32_t pc)
void executeOneInstruction (void)
int sprintDisassembleInst (int pc, char *buf, int buflen, disasm_fmt_t &fmt=defDisasmFmt)


int debug
disasm_fmt_t defDisasmFmt
long int icount
char * mem
RegisterFile regs

Typedef Documentation

typedef long double float128_t

Definition at line 23 of file sparc.h.

typedef float float32_t

Definition at line 21 of file sparc.h.

typedef double float64_t

Definition at line 22 of file sparc.h.

typedef long double NO_SUCH_TYPE

Definition at line 24 of file sparc.h.

typedef signed short sint16_t

Definition at line 14 of file sparc.h.

typedef signed int sint32_t

Definition at line 15 of file sparc.h.

typedef signed long long sint64_t

Definition at line 16 of file sparc.h.

typedef signed char sint8_t

Definition at line 13 of file sparc.h.

typedef unsigned short uint16_t

Definition at line 18 of file sparc.h.

typedef unsigned int uint32_t

Definition at line 19 of file sparc.h.

typedef unsigned long long uint64_t

Definition at line 20 of file sparc.h.

typedef unsigned char uint8_t

Definition at line 17 of file sparc.h.

Function Documentation

int disassembleInstruction int  pc,
char *  params,
size_t  paramlen,
char **  name

void doTrap int  trap  ) 

void dumpAllRegisters FILE *  f  ) 

void dumpControlRegisters FILE *  f  ) 

void dumpFloatRegisters FILE *  f  ) 

void dumpMainRegisters FILE *  f  ) 

uint32_t execute uint32_t  pc  ) 

void executeOneInstruction void   ) 

int sprintDisassembleInst int  pc,
char *  buf,
int  buflen,
disasm_fmt_t fmt = defDisasmFmt

Variable Documentation

int debug

disasm_fmt_t defDisasmFmt

long int icount

char* mem

Referenced by PentiumDecoder::dis_Eaddr().

RegisterFile regs

Referenced by PentiumDecoder::isFuncPrologue().

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