util.h File Reference

#include <sstream>
#include <string>

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#define STR(x)   (char *)(x.str().c_str())


char * escapeStr (char *str)
void escapeXMLChars (std::string &s)
int lockFileRead (const char *fname)
int lockFileWrite (const char *fname)
std::string operator+ (const std::string &s, int i)
void unlockFile (int n)
void upperStr (const char *s, char *d)

Define Documentation

#define STR  )     (char *)(x.str().c_str())

Definition at line 19 of file util.h.

Referenced by PentiumDecoder::decodeInstruction().

Function Documentation

char* escapeStr char *  str  ) 

void escapeXMLChars std::string &  s  ) 

Referenced by UserProc::printAnalysedXML(), UserProc::printDecodedXML(), and UserProc::printSSAXML().

int lockFileRead const char *  fname  ) 

int lockFileWrite const char *  fname  ) 

Referenced by Prog::printCallGraph(), Prog::printCallGraphXML(), and Prog::printSymbolsToFile().

std::string operator+ const std::string &  s,
int  i

void unlockFile int  n  ) 

void upperStr const char *  s,
char *  d

Referenced by RTLInstDict::appendToDict(), and RTLInstDict::getSignature().

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