zone.h File Reference

#import <objc/malloc.h>

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#define NX_NOZONE   ((NXZone *)0)


typedef malloc_zone_t NXZone


NXZoneNXCreateZone (size_t startSize, size_t granularity, int canFree)
NXZoneNXDefaultMallocZone (void)
void NXDestroyZone (malloc_zone_t *zone)
void NXNameZone (NXZone *z, const char *name)
void * NXZoneCalloc (NXZone *zonep, size_t numElems, size_t byteSize)
void NXZoneFree (malloc_zone_t *zone, void *ptr)
NXZoneNXZoneFromPtr (void *ptr)
void * NXZoneMalloc (malloc_zone_t *zone, size_t size)
void * NXZoneRealloc (malloc_zone_t *zone, void *ptr, size_t size)

Define Documentation

#define NX_NOZONE   ((NXZone *)0)

Definition at line 27 of file zone.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef malloc_zone_t NXZone

Definition at line 25 of file zone.h.

Function Documentation

NXZone* NXCreateZone size_t  startSize,
size_t  granularity,
int  canFree

NXZone* NXDefaultMallocZone void   ) 

void NXDestroyZone malloc_zone_t zone  ) 

void NXNameZone NXZone z,
const char *  name

void* NXZoneCalloc NXZone zonep,
size_t  numElems,
size_t  byteSize

void NXZoneFree malloc_zone_t zone,
void *  ptr

NXZone* NXZoneFromPtr void *  ptr  ) 

void* NXZoneMalloc malloc_zone_t zone,
size_t  size

void* NXZoneRealloc malloc_zone_t zone,
void *  ptr,
size_t  size

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