hppa/decoder_low.cpp File Reference

#include <assert.h>
#include "global.h"
#include "decoder.h"
#include "hppa-names.h"
#include "rtl.h"

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#define sign_extend(N, SIZE)   (((int)((N) << (sizeof(unsigned)*8-(SIZE)))) >> (sizeof(unsigned)*8-(SIZE)))


void addr (ADDRESS hostpc)
bool c_c_n (ADDRESS hostpc)
void c_null (ADDRESS hostpc, char **garble)
unsigned long c_wcr (ADDRESS hostpc, char **garble)
DWord getDword (unsigned lc)
void not_used (int unwanted)

Define Documentation

#define sign_extend N,
SIZE   )     (((int)((N) << (sizeof(unsigned)*8-(SIZE)))) >> (sizeof(unsigned)*8-(SIZE)))

Definition at line 1 of file hppa/decoder_low.cpp.

Function Documentation

void addr ADDRESS  hostpc  ) 

Referenced by ExpCastInserter::checkMemofType(), Boomerang::commandLine(), NJMCDecoder::decodeAssemblyInstruction(), SparcDecoder::decodeInstruction(), Assignment::dfaTypeAnalysis(), UserProc::filterParams(), Win32BinaryFile::GetMainEntryPoint(), DOS4GWBinaryFile::GetMainEntryPoint(), UserProc::isLocalOrParamPattern(), Signature::isStackLocal(), Cfg::newBB(), ConstGlobalConverter::preVisit(), FrontSparcTest::test1(), FrontPentTest::test1(), StatementTest::testBypass(), FrontSparcTest::testDelaySlot(), CfgTest::testDominators(), FrontPentTest::testFindMain(), CfgTest::testSemiDominators(), BadMemofFinder::visit(), and Cfg::wellFormCfg().

bool c_c_n ADDRESS  hostpc  ) 

Definition at line 61 of file hppa/decoder_low.cpp.

References getDword(), and result.

void c_null ADDRESS  hostpc,
char **  garble

Definition at line 535 of file hppa/decoder_low.cpp.

References getDword().

unsigned long c_wcr ADDRESS  hostpc,
char **  garble

Definition at line 457 of file hppa/decoder_low.cpp.

References getDword().

DWord getDword unsigned  lc  ) 

Definition at line 48 of file hppa/decoder_low.cpp.

void not_used int  unwanted  ) 

Definition at line 43 of file hppa/decoder_low.cpp.

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