objc.h File Reference

#include "objc/objc-api.h"

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struct  objc_object


#define ARITH_SHIFT   16
#define ISSELECTOR(sel)   sel_isMapped(sel)
#define IV(obj)   object_getIndexedIvars(obj)
#define NAMEOF(obj)   object_getClassName(obj)
#define nil   0
#define Nil   0
#define NO   (BOOL)0
#define SELNAME(sel)   sel_getName(sel)
#define SELUID(str)   sel_getUid(str)
#define YES   (BOOL)1


typedef int arith_t
typedef char BOOL
typedef objc_classClass
typedef objc_objectid
typedef id(* IMP )(id, SEL,...)
typedef objc_selector * SEL
typedef char * STR
typedef unsigned uarith_t


OBJC_EXPORT const char * object_getClassName (id obj)
OBJC_EXPORT void * object_getIndexedIvars (id obj)
OBJC_EXPORT const char * sel_getName (SEL sel)
OBJC_EXPORT SEL sel_getUid (const char *str)
OBJC_EXPORT BOOL sel_isMapped (SEL sel)
OBJC_EXPORT SEL sel_registerName (const char *str)

Define Documentation

#define ARITH_SHIFT   16

Definition at line 82 of file objc.h.

#define ISSELECTOR sel   )     sel_isMapped(sel)

Definition at line 69 of file objc.h.

#define IV obj   )     object_getIndexedIvars(obj)

Definition at line 73 of file objc.h.

#define NAMEOF obj   )     object_getClassName(obj)

Definition at line 72 of file objc.h.

#define nil   0

Definition at line 54 of file objc.h.

#define Nil   0

Definition at line 50 of file objc.h.

#define NO   (BOOL)0

Definition at line 47 of file objc.h.

#define SELNAME sel   )     sel_getName(sel)

Definition at line 70 of file objc.h.

#define SELUID str   )     sel_getUid(str)

Definition at line 71 of file objc.h.

#define YES   (BOOL)1

Definition at line 46 of file objc.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int arith_t

Definition at line 80 of file objc.h.

typedef char BOOL

Definition at line 43 of file objc.h.

typedef struct objc_class* Class

Definition at line 34 of file objc.h.

typedef struct objc_object * id

typedef id(* IMP)(id, SEL,...)

Definition at line 41 of file objc.h.

typedef struct objc_selector* SEL

Definition at line 40 of file objc.h.

typedef char* STR

Definition at line 60 of file objc.h.

typedef unsigned uarith_t

Definition at line 81 of file objc.h.

Function Documentation

OBJC_EXPORT const char* object_getClassName id  obj  ) 

OBJC_EXPORT void* object_getIndexedIvars id  obj  ) 

OBJC_EXPORT const char* sel_getName SEL  sel  ) 

OBJC_EXPORT SEL sel_getUid const char *  str  ) 

OBJC_EXPORT BOOL sel_isMapped SEL  sel  ) 

OBJC_EXPORT SEL sel_registerName const char *  str  ) 

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