objc-load.h File Reference

#import <objc/objc-class.h>
#import <mach-o/loader.h>

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OBJC_EXPORT int objc_loadModule (char *moduleName, void(*class_callback)(Class, Category), int *errorCode)
OBJC_EXPORT long objc_loadModules (char *modlist[], void *errStream, void(*class_callback)(Class, Category), struct mach_header **hdr_addr, char *debug_file)
OBJC_EXPORT void objc_register_header (char *name)
OBJC_EXPORT void objc_register_header_name (char *name)
OBJC_EXPORT long objc_unloadModules (void *errorStream, void(*unloadCallback)(Class, Category))

Function Documentation

OBJC_EXPORT int objc_loadModule char *  moduleName,
void(*)(Class, Category class_callback,
int *  errorCode

OBJC_EXPORT long objc_loadModules char *  modlist[],
void *  errStream,
void(*)(Class, Category class_callback,
struct mach_header **  hdr_addr,
char *  debug_file

OBJC_EXPORT void objc_register_header char *  name  ) 

OBJC_EXPORT void objc_register_header_name char *  name  ) 

OBJC_EXPORT long objc_unloadModules void *  errorStream,
void(*)(Class, Category unloadCallback

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