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#import <loader/objc/Object.h>

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List Protocol List of all members.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file Object.h.

Public Member Functions

(id- awake
(id- class
(BOOL- conformsTo:
(id- copy
(id- copyFromZone:
(objc_method_description *) - descriptionForMethod:
(id- doesNotRecognize:
(id- error:
(id- forward::
(id- free
(unsigned int) - hash
(id- init
(BOOL- isEqual:
(BOOL- isKindOf:
(BOOL- isKindOfClassNamed:
(BOOL- isMemberOf:
(BOOL- isMemberOfClassNamed:
(IMP- methodFor:
(const char *) - name
(id- notImplemented:
(id- perform:
(id- perform:with:
(id- perform:with:with:
(id- performv::
(void) - printForDebugger:
(id- read:
(BOOL- respondsTo:
(id- self
(id- subclassResponsibility:
(id- superclass
(id- write:
(void *) - zone

Static Public Member Functions

(id+ alloc
(id+ allocFromZone:
(id+ class
(BOOL+ conformsTo:
(objc_method_description *) + descriptionForInstanceMethod:
(id+ free
(id+ initialize
(IMP+ instanceMethodFor:
(BOOL+ instancesRespondTo:
(const char *) + name
(id+ new
(id+ poseAs:
(id+ setVersion:
(id+ superclass
(int) + version

Protected Attributes

Class isa

Member Function Documentation

+ (id) alloc  

+ (id) allocFromZone: (void *)  zone  

- (id) awake  

- (id) class  

+ (id) class  

+ (BOOL) conformsTo: (Protocol *)  aProtocolObject  

Implemented in Protocol.

- (BOOL) conformsTo: (Protocol *)  aProtocolObject  

Implemented in Protocol.

- (id) copy  

- (id) copyFromZone: (void *)  zone  

Implemented in List.

+ (struct objc_method_description *) descriptionForInstanceMethod: (SEL aSel  

Implemented in Protocol.

- (struct objc_method_description *) descriptionForMethod: (SEL aSel  

- (id) doesNotRecognize: (SEL aSelector  

- (id) error: (const char *)  aString
,   ...

- (id) forward: (SEL sel
: (marg_list args

- (id) free  

Implemented in List.

+ (id) free  

Implemented in List.

- (unsigned int) hash  

- (id) init  

Implemented in List.

+ (id) initialize  

+ (IMP) instanceMethodFor: (SEL aSelector  

+ (BOOL) instancesRespondTo: (SEL aSelector  

- (BOOL) isEqual: (id anObject  

Implemented in List.

- (BOOL) isKindOf: (id aClassObject  

- (BOOL) isKindOfClassNamed: (const char *)  aClassName  

- (BOOL) isMemberOf: (id aClassObject  

- (BOOL) isMemberOfClassNamed: (const char *)  aClassName  

- (IMP) methodFor: (SEL aSelector  

- (const char *) name  

Implemented in Protocol.

+ (const char *) name  

Implemented in Protocol.

Referenced by PalmBinaryFile::GenerateBinFiles(), and PalmBinaryFile::RealLoad().

+ (id) new  

Implemented in List.

- (id) notImplemented: (SEL aSelector  

- (id) perform: (SEL aSelector  

- (id) perform: (SEL aSelector
with: (id anObject

- (id) perform: (SEL aSelector
with: (id object1
with: (id object2

- (id) performv: (SEL sel
: (marg_list args

+ (id) poseAs: (id aClassObject  

- (void) printForDebugger: (void *)  stream  

- (id) read: (void *)  stream  

- (BOOL) respondsTo: (SEL aSelector  

- (id) self  

+ (id) setVersion: (int)  aVersion  

- (id) subclassResponsibility: (SEL aSelector  

- (id) superclass  

+ (id) superclass  

+ (int) version  

- (id) write: (void *)  stream  

- (void *) zone  

Member Data Documentation

- (Class) isa [protected]

Definition at line 42 of file Object.h.

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