DataInterval Struct Reference

#include <include/type.h>

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Detailed Description

Class DataInterval.

This class is used to represent local variables in procedures, and the global variables for the program. The concept is that the data space (the current procedure's stack or the global data space) has to be partitioned into separate variables of various sizes and types. If a new variable is inserted that would cause an overlap, the types have to be reconciled such that they no longer conflict (generally, the smaller type becomes a member of the larger type, which has to be a structure or an array). Each procedure and the Prog object have a map from ADDRESS (stack offset from sp{0} for locals, or native address for globals), to an object of this class. A multimap is not needed, as the type of the entry specifies the overlapping.

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Public Attributes

std::string name
unsigned size

Member Data Documentation

std::string DataInterval::name

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unsigned DataInterval::size

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Type* DataInterval::type

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